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FLSmidth Copper& Molybdenum concentrate project

Published time:2013-02-22


In September 2012, our company signed the Copper& Molybdenum concentrate Supply Contract with FLSmidth Company which is a large engineering company, headquarters located in Denmark.

FLSmidth Company made a long time and all-around investigation to our company, knew that our company took the technology leading position in the concentrate packaging industry. We have successfully resolved the concentrate feeding impeded problem after years of intensive research, and finally won the consensus of the FLSmidth Company and business enterpreneue. The Owner of the Tsagaan Suvarga Copper- Molybdenum ore project is one of the largest mining companies in Mongolia-- Mongolyn Alt (MAK) Corporation. This project is located southeast Mongolia Tsagaan Suvarga,560km from Ulan Bator, 165km from the southwest Saynshand, Dornogovi Province, and in our country Baiyun obo north by west 300 kilometers. The geographical position is good, for porphyry copper, reserves 1.28 million tons, 0.61% grade.

Now the project has been put into production, strictly following the ISO9001 standard, will be finished in May 2013.


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