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DCS-FB Sewing Machine


PUDA adopt vertical sewing machine of type GK35 which is suitable for sewing flour bag, gunny bag, plastic woven bag in the field of food industry, chemical industry, port etc. It is characteristic of advanced technology, stable packing speed, long-time stability, and long working life.

Technical Parameters

Motive Power: 380~415 V 50Hz

Operating Temperature:  -10℃~50℃

Sewing Speed: 2000 r.p.m.   Max 2700 r.p.m.

Max Sewing Thickness: 8mm    Stitch Range: 7~11.5mm

Sewing Thread: double lines   Thread Spec.: 20s/9;20s/6   Chemical Fiber Thread

Height Range of Presser Foot: 11-16mm   Needle Mode: DR-H30#26

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