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DCS-PD Belt Conveyor:

Belt conveyor conveys various weight products through continuous or intermittent movement of conveying belt and can convey bulk materials, various cartons, packing bags etc. The length and configuration of conveyor can be adjusted according to requirements from customer or work site. It can be conveyed by single conveyor or group conveying combined of multiple conveyors. On the basis of structure, there is fixation, movable, standard, climbing, and turning belt conveyor to meet each customer’s requirements. There is no relative movement between materials and belt which avoids damaging conveyed products. It is characteristic of stable conveying, low noise, simple structure, convenient maintenance, and long life and suitable for any working places, such as food, pharmacy, and daily and chemical industry etc.

It selects electronic parts from Schneider. Its mechanical driver is an efficient Gear reducer. The material of conveying belt can adopt multiple materials such as rubber, rubber and plastic, food grade material, PVC, PU, stainless steel mesh, and stainless steel link plate etc.

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