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DCS-FY Series: Impeller Feeder

1.  Product Description:
This series of machines are designed for super fine powders and granules with medium to high bulk density and small parcel size. The unique impeller design allowsfor a fast and uniform feed flow to maintain a fast packing speed. Applicable materials include: Cement, Dry Mortar, Kieselquhr, Perlite Additive, Lime Carbonate and Siliceous Dust etc.

2. Technical Parameters:
• Weighing Range: 10-50kg
• Filling speed: 3-6 bags/minute (packing speed depends on the material features and packing material)
• Weighing Accuracy: ±0.2-0.4%
• Applicable Voltage: AC220V-440V 50/60HZ Three Phases and Four Poles
  (Local voltage and frequency be specified by clients)
• Air Source Requirement: 0.4-0.8MPa Dry Compressed Air, Total Air Consumption: 0.8m3/min
• Applicable Environment: Altitude≤2000meters, Humidity≤95% RH Non-congealable Dew, Operating Temperature:0℃~50℃, Storage Temperature : -20℃~70℃

3.Working Principle:
Materials are fed into surge bin from customer`s hopper. This process is controlled by a rotary gate and a pneumatic valve on top of the surge bin. The feeding proess is controlled by a frequency convertor operated impeller and a valve at the spout. When reaching target value, the impeller stops and the feeding valve closes, sack-clamping device is open and the filled bag could be moved out manually or automatically. The machine is ready for a new filling circle. 

4.Specification and Model:


Weighing Range




Referenced Weight

Referenced Size


Proper Application

DCS-FYSH Horizontal Impeller


3-6 bags/minute





Bulk Density <0.7t/m3

DCS-FYCH Vertical Impeller


3-6 bags/minute





Bulk Density >0.7t/m3


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